Cruck Cottage Fire

It is with heavy hearts that we publish this photo. On the evening of Tuesday, 9th January, the West end of the Cruck roof went on fire. The damage is bad enough, but had it not been for the fast and efficient response of the fire service, and a kindly East wind, it could have been much worse. Sadly the cause now appears deliberate, and police enquiries are ongoing. At present we are dealing with our insurance company, and arranging quotes for the repairs, etc. There is very often a positive side to cases like this, and ours is no exception. The expressions of sympathy, offers of help, and promises of donations that have flooded in are heart warming, and quite emotional for us. When we arranged to clear up the waste straw and other debris on Saturday, the number of people that turned out to help, without prompting, was tremendous. Rest assured that we will restore the cottage to its former glory as soon as possible. We had planned a new and exciting event in the cottage in the coming year, and this is still on the cards. Many, many thanks to all our Cruck friends.

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